Family photos of past simulations

Whether global summits or small country meetings – every one of them has a so-called Family Photo. And so have we tried (even though it was sometimees forgotten in all the excitment!). In addition we have lost a great number of photos that we hope to find again and post for eternity!

In addition to the family photos, we also have a random gallery of participants and moments across 8 years, 4 continents and many simulations…

If you are a former participant, aka A4H alum – please send us your photos to Thanks

2010 Pilot simulation at Harvard
Our very first simulation…

2011 Harvard: Our first full-fledged simulation with particpants from across Harvard University, MIT, BU and other Boston campuses
2012 Harvard: 
2013 Harvard:
2014 Harvard:
2015 Harvard:
2016 Harvard:
2014 Beijing:
2015 Beijing:
2012 London, UK:
2014 Seattle:
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